Who We Are

Legatus is a Latin substantive that means emissary. The Roman Legatus was the figure in charge of transmitting the message of the Emperor to the enemy, connecting the interlocutors on the same plane of knowledge of things. Hence the words connect and legacy came up. It is in this association that we base our activity, connecting literature and readers and transmitting unpublished titles so that together we can build a legacy.

For a world with more literature. What does that mean?

It means that we believe in sustainable, inclusive businesses that build bridges between worlds that were previously disconnected. We are a publisher deeply committed to positively impacting our society. Legatus is a bridge between unprecedented Fantasy Literature and Brazilian readers who do not have access to other languages, and who, therefore, were unable to have direct contact with these works. We know how the publishing market in Brazil is still very limited and the price of books is very prohibitive for most of the population. Much of the Fantasy Literature originally written in English has never been translated into Portuguese, so most Brazilians do not have access to works that often changed the course of world events. It was with these problems in mind that Legatus decided to provide exclusive translations of fundamental literary works hitherto unpublished in Portuguese, as well as the revalue of rare and sold-out books in personalized, annotated and high-quality graphic editions. All in different formats so that the access to these books can be expanded as much as possible.

Do you want to know how we are different?

Revalue of gothic literature, horror and dark fantasy unpublished in Portuguese.

One of our specialties is gothic, horror and supernatural fiction, a broad category that also includes strange, hidden, sinister, macabre and fantastic works, and includes 18th and 19th century classics and more modern works.
Readers who do not read in English, most of the time, end up not having access to these literary jewels that were never published in Brazil for several reasons. We decided to bring a lot of this essential material because, in addition to democratizing literature, it increases the references and possibilities of Brazilian readers.

Annotated, exclusive editions with a high quality graphics.

Our volumes are prefaced by leading scholars and experts in Gothic fiction, and many of them include notes and appendices to enhance the appreciation of the text. In addition, we highly value the graphic quality of the edition so that the reader can also have a unique aesthetic experience. Unite democratization and quality is one of our values.

Ecologically responsible production.

We opted for the physical press model POD (Print-on-Demand), which means that our books are produced only after being requested on platforms and digital stores. This prevents a lot of organic material from being wasted on previous prints that often have an uncertain destiny, and also ends the vicious cycle that used to made a book out of circulation. We want the book cycle to be directly associated with the reader's real needs, with respect for the environment.